Monday, 13 January 2014

Manicure Monday!

 It's Manicure Monday!!!! This week my nails have hosted Very glittery polishes. I'll be the first to admit I'm hating how they feel, sandpaper anyone? Rimmel has recently launched the space dust nail varnishes, they come in 5 shades; Aurora which is a very light pink shade, Luna love is a hot pink which I'm desperate to try, Moon walking which I also have is a purple/silver colour, shooting star which is silver and then finally Moon walking which you can see above and below. I was a little disappointed with the results as I was expecting more of a shiny nail polish with glitter within it. I will try this again as a glitter topcoat in the future though. I got the Orly nail polish free with Cosmopolitan a few months ago and I have to say, it's my favourite glitter polish EVER. It's perfect for the ombre nail style as you don't get the streaks of clear polish, plus you can layer it to get a more intense look and it dries super quick.
What are you wearing this #manicuremonday ??


  1. love the nail polish, great post :)
    soph xx

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  2. Really gorgeous outcome.