Monday, 13 January 2014

The Golden Globes: My favourites

So the Golden Globes is the big news of yesterday/today. I love award season, it's probably my favourite time of year when it comes to my fashion inspiration. There is nothing more I love than waking up the day after an award ceremony to see the best and also the worst the line up. This year was a strange year for the awards, celebrities were totally straying away from the safe pastel embellished numbers as seen on many previous years. Here is a line up of my absolute favourite looks:

Left to right; Emma Watson, Anna Gunn, Michelle Dockery, Helen Mirren

My absolute favourite look of the night was my favourite lady Emma Watson. I ADORE HER. I just think this is such a daring look, she pulls it off so well. I would have loved this as a dress but when she turned around so we could see the trousers my first reaction was "what on earth has she done" but five minutes later I was in love with the look. Modern tailoring meets sophisticated English rose. Her hair and the contrasting navy shoes just make me love the look even more.

If you've watched breaking bad, I would suspect you dislike Anna Gunn's character skyler, I would never have expected her to be so chic in real life. This champagne Donna Karan number is so classy and beautiful, along with her golden locks and pale skin, this look is simply lovely.

Michelle Dockery, as simple as this is, I do love some sparkle. This is so gorgeous, the shape of the dress is elegant and the simple pairing of the shoes is enough to make this an easy favourite. Plus her hair suits the shaping of the dress. Love it!

Oh Helen Mirren, 68 years of age and yet this is the most gorgeous I have ever seen you. The colour of this dress is lovely, I love the embellishment. It flatters the figure and the emerald earrings to match make this the perfect ensemble. I want to be you Helen.

Now a shout out to a few who didn't make the top four;
Julianna Margulies - Black and gold is my favourite combination ever, I love the print on her dress.
Taylor Schilling - The colour of this dress is to die for, reminds me of summer. Plus the intricate lace detailing tops it off.
Lupita Nyong'o - OMG this dress, red makes her look like a goddess! The cape sleeves but cut off shoulder combo, as Fergie would say - G.L.A.M.O.U.R.O.U.S
Jessica Chastain - Not so keen on the dress but her hair, I have ginger hair envy.
Zoe Deschanel - Did you see those shoes? Did you? I shall say no more.
Bryan Cranston's wife Robin - I've never seen this lady before in my life, but she was rocking that dress!

Ok... Now to some of the most vulgar dresses I have ever seen. Take it away girls:

Left to right: Lady Victoria Hervey, Lena Dunham, Sandra Bullock and Heidi Klum
Ok I have never heard of this lady 'Victoria Hervey' before in my life, but I certainly wont forget her now. If she had a stylist, they need to be sacked right now for letting this poor lady walk out the house in basically a pair of unitard tights. The only person I can think of who could possibly pull this off is Rihanna. Leave it to the experts, nobody wants to see that.

Lena Dunham, why do you do this to yourself over and over again? Yellow canary springs to mind. That is all I have to say about this matter. 

I like Sandra's shoes, I like her hair, it's just everything in between the two that is offending my eyes. If the blue bit at the bottom was black I could totally have loved this dress. But I can't. 

What is that Necklace Heidi is wearing? It looks like the kind of thing you can pick up from a tourist shop abroad with supposed "authentic precious stones". Sadly I bet she paid over £100 for this. I like the eyelash lace of her dress, but the rest is just all a bit mumsy. Also, the sooner she loses that fringe the better, it's not doing her any favours. 

Here are a couple more ladies who didn't make it into my vulgar dressed lists, but are definitely still some of the worst from the night:

Reece Witherspoon - I honestly think I could find this dress for you for £10 on missguided etc. What material is that? It looks so cheap and is not doing her any favours.
Amy Adams - I love her looks usually, I just don't get this dress. 
Julia Roberts - I would have loved this dress without the stupid shirt addition. She looks like she's catering a wedding.
Uma Thurman - The 90's called, they want their dress back. 

One last comment -  Jennifer Lawrence, what happened? I was so disappointed with that dress. I didn't hate it, but I certainly didn't love it either. Her hair just makes me sad, I miss her long locks.

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