Monday, 21 April 2014

Manicure Monday #7

Happy Easter Monday to you all! I'm currently feeling like a whale after all the easter eggs I've consumed and I have taken it upon myself to keep up with the blogilates beginners calender I've been doing over the past few weeks. In terms of nail polishes, I've been searching the shelves of boots for the perfect summer coral shade and I think I've found it...

It's the perfect mix of pink and peach, I can imagine it will look great with my eventual tan and great until then! It lasts for ages providing you use a base and top coat. Have you got a favourite coral? Let me know in the comment box below.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Spring pastels? Hell no, rock those metallics.

Gold, Bronze, Silver, Emeralds and Amethyst. There's a colour to suit each eye colour, each occasion and each outfit. Sometimes they are mistaken in the cosmetic world and will only be used when going for a glam look. I've tried to dress down metallics and also put a use to the hated cream gold eye shadow.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What I'm wearing today...

So today is a 'I will do anything to cover up my blemishes' day, (when isn't it one of those days in my world?). This calls for the full coverage foundation and blemish fighting primers. There are a couple of new editions to my make up bag in this post, I'm loving some of them and trying to find my feet with others! 

No7 Instant Radiance Highligher £9.95 
This was on my wishlist for soooo long. I was so excited to use this chubby stick style highlighter which looked so easy to use. I love the packaging, the size is perfect and so is the shade of the product. The only thing I'm struggling with is the application. I know that sounds stupid but I apply it in a pen like fashion and then blend using my fingers but it doesn't blend quite the way I would like. I'm going to try and use this under foundation and see if it makes a difference.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] £15.50
I'm very new to using this and I'm loving it so far. I'm using it before I use my moisturiser on days where my face is super dry - which it really is at the moment. When my face is better I will use it just as a moisturiser.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation in the shade Opal £15.50
This foundation is the definition of heavy coverage. If you have any kind of skin discolouration this will cover it. Blemishes? Not so much, but that's what concealer is for! It's slightly too much coverage for me, but on a day like today it's exactly what I need. You have to massage this in with your fingers before you get any brushes involved otherwise you will be there trying to blend this super thick formula for days. The stippling brush by real techniques £11.99 is great for polishing off the look.

This duo... wow oh wow. For a total cost of under £13 for both of these products you really can't go wrong. The collection fast stroke eyeliner £2.99 (OMG) is an absolute staple. I will give you an example of how amazing it is = I applied this product this morning at 9am, it's now 9.30pm and it still looks exactly the same as it did when I applied it. So that means it's super hard to take it off right? Wrong. With a little micellar water this comes straight off without a fight. The only complaint I could possibly think of is the nib, it could be more petite. Nothing a bit of practice can't sort though!
Revlon Lash Potion £9.99 - If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know how much I love this mascara. I finished a bottle and though "Oh I'll give another brand a go" and I was so upset because nothing works as well as this does for me. I have downward facing short eyelashes that really have to be tamed to have even the slightest curl. This is really the only mascara that has held a curl all day. I have to warn you though, I believe that the brown (the colour I have) is a different formula to the black. The black has had some truly awful reviews so if I were you, I would buy the brown! 

Revlon Matte in Really Red £7.49
It's a rare occassion if I wear a red matte lip, I'm much more at comfort wearing a bright lip balm such as the revlon lip butter in the shades Sweet tart or Juicy Papaya. Today I thought I would mix it up a bit. Red matte with a winged eye is such a classic look, I thought it would bring the look together. I love the texture of this lipstick as it doesn't feel like it's gonna budge.

Here is the finished look! What do you think? Leave your comments below...

Monday, 31 March 2014

Manicure Monday #6

Another week passes by and another Manicure Monday arrives on our doorstep. The weather is slowly getting warmer so is there a better opportunity to bring out the S/S pastels? I think not. Baby blues and pinks, mint greens, lilacs and lemon yellows are the perfect shade to wear on your nails right now. I'm not ready to bring them into my wardrobe just yet...

Sally Hansen Barracuda (not available in the UK)
Maybelline in the shade Sugar Crystal

What are you wearing this #manicuremonday?

Sunday, 30 March 2014

I'm on Youtube!

Okay, so I took the leap, you can now find me at Megan Capon on youtube. I decided for my first post that a 'About me - 20 questions' would be quite fitting. So if you'd like to find out a little more about the gal behind the blog, look no further. In the future hauls and favourites will go up here. But for now, I can only apologise about my horrendous Essex accent. Enjoy!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Easy like Sunday mornings...

I love baking, I really really do. When I was at college I would spend every holiday baking something different and exciting. I love experimentation and making my own recipes. Lately I haven't been able to fit baking into my routine, working 42 hours a week as well as blogging and trying to keep up a social life (and failing) means baking has definitely taken the back seat. This morning, I decided that had to change. I woke up bright and early - 8.30am (come on, it is a Sunday) and decided to bake a cake. Lemon Curd victoria sponge. A recipe that I have designed myself and perfected after many trials. The recipe is as follows...

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The FASHION mini haul

To say this month I was supposed to be super savvy with my money, I seem to be awfully out of pocket right now (whoops). I can only blame having both a mini fashion haul and a beauty haul. I can explain... every single item but one that I bought I managed to nag some kind of discount for all but one of them!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Manicure Monday #5

It's that time again!! I used to hate mondays, but I love my job so Mondays for me really aren't too bad. It sure helps when you've got bright nail polish on as it makes me happy, especially if they're this bright!! Of course as usual I mixed it up a bit and added a gorgeous glitter polish.

Topshop Nail Polish in Awol

Topshop Nail Polish in Dark Knight

What are you wearing this Manicure Monday?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Maybelline the Falsies review

I know this mascara is nothing new and you've probably all heard about it before, I have only recently tried it after I heard one too many people say it was their holy grail mascara. I was walking round tescos on my lunch break when I saw this product and thought "why the hell not". I have very very short downward facing eyelashes that are an absolute pain in the rear so I find it extremely difficult to find a lengthening, volumising mascara that doesn't give me spider leg clumpy eyelashes. I have found two wonderful mascaras that suited me to the ground, one being the Lancome Hypnose doll eyes mascara and the other being Revlon Lash potion in brown which I rave about endlessly. I thought I'd give this a try as I liked the look of the shape of the brush. Here is how I got on...

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sephora mini Nail Polish haul

Nail polish is probably my ultimate favourite product, it's the product I have the most of (I have at least 50 different shades) and it's the product I will never have enough of! So cue another nail polish haul! I know sephora isn't available in the UK so I've linked to where you can buy them here.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Manicure Monday #4

This week I went with a bit of a bollywood theme for my nails. I love deep plums and fuscias on my nails as they go well with my skin colour plus always look glam! As always I can never just have a plain lacquer, there has got to be some glitter! In today's case there is two shades of glitter. After my sephora nail polish haul (more coming later this week) I decided to use one of my new nails inc glitter polishes to see how they match to high street additions such as topshop and rimmel. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Battle of the Micellar water: L'oreal vs. Garnier

Micellar waters - Everyone has heard of them by now. The magic water that dissolves make-up, cleanses skin and removes oil and dirt... I'm all over it. When I'm round my boyfriend's house there is no way I'm spending my usual half an hour in front of the bathroom sink taking off my make up, so these are perfect.
Here is how I found using both of these wonder waters...

Monday, 3 March 2014

The Oscars

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My love for the Oscars is bigger than my love for haribos, which is saying a lot. I love looking back at iconic dresses from the past Oscar awards. Some of my favourites include Keira Knightley 2006, Anne Hathaway 2008 and Mila Kunis 2011. This year I was going to do a list of five dresses I loved and five which I hated, but guess what? I didn't hate a single one. This never happens as I'm usually so critical (who am I to talk, hey?) So I thought I'd share the love as I'm feeling super on top of the world this week and do my 8 favourite looks of the night.

8. Margot Robbie
Before this year I had never seen Margot in a film, Wolf of Wall Street changed that for me in a good way. Usually if someone stars as Leo's love interest in a film I'm not usually they're biggest fan (Kate Winslet is certainly not my favourite actress) but Margot changed that, she was a strong independent female and she looked hot doing it. I loved her blonde locks but damn she looks fierce, she's got Jessica Rabbit vibes going on and I loved the detail on the back of the dress. This is one dress I would totally wear myself if I ever had the occasion.

7. Amy Adams
I love the simplicity of this dress, it's structured, it has a gorgeous shape to it and I'm loving navy this season. Not many simply dark dresses tick my box but the geometric shapes give this a modern edge. Amy looks as elegant as ever and her soft pale skin is the perfect contrast to the dark navy.

6. Jennifer Lawrence
I love J-Law, I really do. Last year at every awards show she would have been no.1 in my list. I understand she's growing up into a mature woman and the hair is supposed to show that, but I really don't like it on her. If you put her next to Jane Fonda you'd think they were sisters. I will get over the hair for a minute to talk about the stunning dress though. Red will always be my favourite colour, it can make anyone look a million dollars if done right and this is soooo right. I love the slight peplum to give some shape to the dress and the skirt is the right amount of mermaid without being restrictive. I like this dress a lot.

5. Julia Roberts
Julia, a woman who I get told I look like too often, always gets it right (apart from when she forgot to shave her pits...). She is always equal measures of glamorous and elegant. If I look like her when I'm her age my life would have been a job well done. This dress is the perfect mixture of lace, peplum and halter neck. It gets the thumbs up from me.

4. Angelina Jolie
I've never seen a film with Angelina Jolie in it. I think I only know of one film she's in but of course I know her otherwise. I know her for her rock'n'roll past, her bad ass tattoos and her beautiful family. The main thing I know her for though is her amazing fashion sense. She knows exactly how to pull off a sequin number without it looking OTT. For that reason, this beauty is one of my faves. I need to know what she does to her hair to keep it so glossy!

3. Cate Blanchett
I adore this dress! I'd love to have this as my wedding dress I love it that much. The detailing on the sleeve is what I adore most, it's so simplistic yet so effective at blowing my socks off. The embellishment is also right up my street, so chic.

2. Anne Hathaway
This is very similar to her dress last year but I am not complaining. Anne has found a neckline that suits her perfectly. It makes her look petite and elegant. The embellishment is quite gothic but overall it looks graceful, dainty and stylish. Anne, never sack your stylist, please.

1. Sandra Bullock
Navy + velvet + textures and draping = The recipe for the perfect knock out dress. I love the draping so much, it pours with opulence. Her curly locks top it off. Absolutely Fabulous.

I'm so glad that everyone strayed from the puffy ball gowns this year, what did you think of this years line up?

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wish List - Repurchases

I love these products so much they are on my repurchase list, I would do an empties post but I haven't owned these products in a long time as I've done the whole trial and error with other products. I wish I'd never left these products, they all really deserve the holy grail status. 

New CID i-glow
Here's a fact for you, CID was the first make-up brand I owned, I bought the i-glow and a mineral veil on my 13th birthday. My first visit to Oxford St and I was desperate to buy a full make up kit. The make-up artist assured me that at 13 I really needn't wear make-up but if I must, only illuminate what you already have. I loved this product to pieces and the packing is so modern. It's very shimmery but not overly shimmery. I need this back in my life!

No7 Lift & Luminate
This is a product I used here and there from my mum's pot, I realised after using it for just one day how much of a difference it made. It moisturises and gives a luscious glow without looking or feeling greasy. A definite favourite, I need a tub for myself!

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat
Oh how I loved this foundation, I remember wearing this for the first time and feeling like a million dollars. It's luxurious, light and leaves me feeling flawless. Only problem? As my financial situation has changed, £28 for a foundation was just not an option. Gone are the days where I can splash the cash and Rimmel is now my best friend. Just don't tell rimmel that as soon as I'm in a better financial situation, YSL is going straight back in my make-up bag.

Revlon Lash Potion
This is the best mascara I personally have ever come across, I have only recently run out of this but I love it so much it's going straight back on my shopping list. Though I have a recommendation, I would buy the brown instead of the black because it looks so much more natural but still super intense. It separates, lengthens and volumises all in one coat!

Maybelline Gel Liner
This isn't the easiest liner to use, but the pay off is amazing. I love a matte look liner and can't stand it when an eyeliner looks like plastic on your eyes. As long as your can get used to using a brish rather than a nib, this is your winner.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer
Primers are one of those iffy products that you can never really tell whether they are doing a good job or not. I think you really have to invest in a primer for it to work, this beauty works a treat with both liquids and powders. Pores are minimized and make-up sits tight until the moment you take it off.

Have you got any products that are on your repurchase wish list? If so write a cheeky comment below!

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Along with a grand proportion of the young population, the bane in my life are spots, pimples, zits - whatever you want to call them. I've suffered from mild acne from the age of 13, it has really varied in severity and the reason I'm writing this post is because it's changed it's ways and I need all of your advice and opinions. This isn't particularly the nicest topic to talk about but I'm hoping this will also be able to help others of you out there. The type of acne I now have is non-inflammatory nodules. They're on my chin and around my jaw line. Ridiculously painful at times and take a good few weeks to treat and that doesn't include the scaring. I also sometimes get them on my forehead and white heads between my brow. The white heads are easiest to treat, I use the origins super spot remover which works basically over night on white heads. Treatment for my nodules is basically impossible! This is why I need all your help. Do any of you suffer with the same problems? If so how do you treat the pain in the backside nodules? There appears to be nothing on the market for them and I would rather not go to the doctors to take chemicals to zap my skin dry!