Saturday, 22 February 2014


Along with a grand proportion of the young population, the bane in my life are spots, pimples, zits - whatever you want to call them. I've suffered from mild acne from the age of 13, it has really varied in severity and the reason I'm writing this post is because it's changed it's ways and I need all of your advice and opinions. This isn't particularly the nicest topic to talk about but I'm hoping this will also be able to help others of you out there. The type of acne I now have is non-inflammatory nodules. They're on my chin and around my jaw line. Ridiculously painful at times and take a good few weeks to treat and that doesn't include the scaring. I also sometimes get them on my forehead and white heads between my brow. The white heads are easiest to treat, I use the origins super spot remover which works basically over night on white heads. Treatment for my nodules is basically impossible! This is why I need all your help. Do any of you suffer with the same problems? If so how do you treat the pain in the backside nodules? There appears to be nothing on the market for them and I would rather not go to the doctors to take chemicals to zap my skin dry!

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