Monday, 17 February 2014

The BAFTAS: My Favourites

Another day, another exciting award show. I love a good award show, pretty much only to see what everyone is wearing. I also love a good "love it or loathe it" session but this season has been pretty uneventful. I told myself I would do a post on every award show, but I haven't loved any dress anywhere near enough to actually make a post about it. I'm hoping everyone is saving their "wow" dress for the Oscars. Anyway, rewind 24 hours and we have the BAFTAS. Here is a selection of my favourite looks and my least favourite looks.

Josephine De La Baume (Left)
Comment ├ętonnant! This is my favourite look of the night, glamorous fiery locks, flattering neckline and a new twist on the mesh look dresses.  It's hard to find a dress to suit an amble chest, but this looks perfect and it's not at all provocative. The visible seams create a modern edge which takes the dress from elegant to slightly gothic. I thought I was over the whole mesh look dress, I thought it had had it's time in the fashion world but this has changed my mind 100%.

Helen Mirren (Middle)
Helen Mirren may actually be one of my top ten style icons, if when I'm her age I look that good, I would consider my life to have been a success. She knows exactly how to take my breathe away in every single dress, she was my favourite dressed female at the Golden Globes and although this dress doesn't beat that dress, she still looks like a million dollars.

Lupita Nyong'o (Right)
WOW. Is anyone else obsessed with Lupita? I loveeeeeeeee her!!! She hasn't made a single fashion faux pas yet and I can't imagine her ever doing so. She knows exactly what suits her, who knew bold colours could look so good? This colour is one of my favourites and I need those gold cuffs in my life. She's just so elegant, I'd rather be Lupita than any Miley/Rihanna equal any day.

Here are some of my not so favourites:

Claudia Winkleman (Left)
This woman actually scares me a little, I don't know whether she thinks that the "I've just cried my mascara all over my face" look looks good or whether she actually had been crying. This isn't the first time she's set out of the house like this, it's the third at least. Everything else about this look isn't screaming glam either. I do love the clutch, but a clutch can't save this sinking ship.

Michelle Rodriguez (Middle)
I really despise leather on anything but leather jackets and trousers, so this is 100% my sole opinion on this one. The dress would have made it into my favourites list if it was all that gorgeous teal colour, but in my eyes the leather makes it look trashy. Sorry Cara lovers, this look isn't for me.

Lily Allen (Right)
I don't think I've ever liked anything Lily has worn, but this was the cherry on the cake. The hair piece is truly awful, pink and red will never be a match made in heaven and heavy eyeliner should stay away from the red carpet. I'm sure she dresses controversially because otherwise the world wouldn't be saying her name right now and for that I congratulate her but this isn't and never will be my cup of tea.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I certainly loved writing about one of my favourite subjects. Who did you love and loathe at the BAFTAS? Maybe you loved Lily Allen's look, maybe you hated Helen Mirren's dress (how could you). Whatever your opinion, post it below lovelies!

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