Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What I'm wearing today...

So today is a 'I will do anything to cover up my blemishes' day, (when isn't it one of those days in my world?). This calls for the full coverage foundation and blemish fighting primers. There are a couple of new editions to my make up bag in this post, I'm loving some of them and trying to find my feet with others! 

No7 Instant Radiance Highligher £9.95 
This was on my wishlist for soooo long. I was so excited to use this chubby stick style highlighter which looked so easy to use. I love the packaging, the size is perfect and so is the shade of the product. The only thing I'm struggling with is the application. I know that sounds stupid but I apply it in a pen like fashion and then blend using my fingers but it doesn't blend quite the way I would like. I'm going to try and use this under foundation and see if it makes a difference.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] £15.50
I'm very new to using this and I'm loving it so far. I'm using it before I use my moisturiser on days where my face is super dry - which it really is at the moment. When my face is better I will use it just as a moisturiser.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation in the shade Opal £15.50
This foundation is the definition of heavy coverage. If you have any kind of skin discolouration this will cover it. Blemishes? Not so much, but that's what concealer is for! It's slightly too much coverage for me, but on a day like today it's exactly what I need. You have to massage this in with your fingers before you get any brushes involved otherwise you will be there trying to blend this super thick formula for days. The stippling brush by real techniques £11.99 is great for polishing off the look.

This duo... wow oh wow. For a total cost of under £13 for both of these products you really can't go wrong. The collection fast stroke eyeliner £2.99 (OMG) is an absolute staple. I will give you an example of how amazing it is = I applied this product this morning at 9am, it's now 9.30pm and it still looks exactly the same as it did when I applied it. So that means it's super hard to take it off right? Wrong. With a little micellar water this comes straight off without a fight. The only complaint I could possibly think of is the nib, it could be more petite. Nothing a bit of practice can't sort though!
Revlon Lash Potion £9.99 - If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know how much I love this mascara. I finished a bottle and though "Oh I'll give another brand a go" and I was so upset because nothing works as well as this does for me. I have downward facing short eyelashes that really have to be tamed to have even the slightest curl. This is really the only mascara that has held a curl all day. I have to warn you though, I believe that the brown (the colour I have) is a different formula to the black. The black has had some truly awful reviews so if I were you, I would buy the brown! 

Revlon Matte in Really Red £7.49
It's a rare occassion if I wear a red matte lip, I'm much more at comfort wearing a bright lip balm such as the revlon lip butter in the shades Sweet tart or Juicy Papaya. Today I thought I would mix it up a bit. Red matte with a winged eye is such a classic look, I thought it would bring the look together. I love the texture of this lipstick as it doesn't feel like it's gonna budge.

Here is the finished look! What do you think? Leave your comments below...

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  1. This looks incredible, I love the lip and eye make up combo! :) xx