Friday, 18 April 2014

Spring pastels? Hell no, rock those metallics.

Gold, Bronze, Silver, Emeralds and Amethyst. There's a colour to suit each eye colour, each occasion and each outfit. Sometimes they are mistaken in the cosmetic world and will only be used when going for a glam look. I've tried to dress down metallics and also put a use to the hated cream gold eye shadow.

In the pan, the colours look very warm, but when applied, you end up with a very cool metallic finish. This look is perfect for day to day, but add some chocolate browns into the mix and you can also make it a day time look. The perfect thing about Emerald coloured shadows is that they suit all eye colours and skin tones. I used the Bare minerals duo palette in the shade "The winner is". I have done a review on this palette before because I love the colour combination and the colour pay off. Using a fluffy brush, use the creamy metallic shade as a base all over the eyelid and under the tear duct. Then with a densely packed brush, buff the emerald shade into the corner of your eye and under your lash line to make the eyes look bigger.

So how often do you say to yourself "today I'm going to wear gold eyeshadow"? Not very often is my guess, it's so hard to wear, bronze is usually more complimentary for darker eyes and neutrals for lighter eyes. Ever since I bought the 24 hour cream shadow, I've been battling my way trying to find the perfect evening eye to use this. It takes some practice, but I'm pretty darn sure I've mastered it. Taking a tapered brush, apply the gold shadow along your upper lash line in a thick guided line and around your tear duct. make sure the gold is really pigmented before moving on as it's difficult to change once you've started your eyeliner! With a liquid black eyeliner, start in the tear duct of your eye and create a v shape that elongates your tear duct. Follow the line of your eyes both on the bottom and top lash line, it needs to be quite thick on top so it mirrors your bottom lash. Create a flick by elongating the eyeliner towards the end of your brows. Colour your waterline in the darkest kohl eyeliner to create the intense black look. Tidy the gold shadow up by using a cotton bud and eye make up remover.  


The aim of this look was to make bronze look subtle and something you could wear day to day. The palette I used was the 17 eye trio in the shade Enraged. The champagne colour is gorgeous and well pigmented to use as an all over base, the bronze is easily blended on the outer edge of the eye and also under the lower lash line. I don't tend to use the chocolate shade as it's not really dark enough to use, instead I use a dark brown kohl and blend to give a more natural look. To make this look more day to day rather than night time glam, I use a brown mascara rather than a black. My favourite is the Revlon lash potion. For a more intense look, line the water line with a black kohl liner and use an intense black mascara.

Here's a quick question for you, when was the last time you wore purple liner? Here's another, have you ever worn purple eyeliner? No? Well you're missing out. Purple is one of those colours that really does suit everyone. It's feminine and different to your standard black liner, with a metallic hint it makes day time make up exciting. A pretty flick paired with a peachy pink eye shadow screams feminine. Paired with a nude lip gloss this would look perfect on anyone.

What is your favourite metallic to wear? Let me know in the comment box below.

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