Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The six winter lipstick shades all under £10

I have chosen six shades of lipstick that I think are perfect for this winter. There are three reds, one pink and two browns. As I know many people are on a budget this month, I made sure I kept them cheap! 

The reds
Orange hued red - Now I'm not talking tangerine coloured lips, but there is more than one shade of red. On one side on the scale you have your orange reds and on the other side you have your pink reds. The orange red I have chosen is The Miss sporty Malaga. It's a great consistency, between a lipstick and a lip balm but sooo highly pigmented. I was surprised it was so great as it only costs £2.59! In both the pictures it's the first on the left hand side 
The brightest bright red - Every girl needs this shade in their life, it will make you feel sexy and confident. It's well known that red is the colour of sexual attraction, it's a scientific fact! The colour suits every skin tone and it's perfect for winter. The bright red I have chosen is Max factor Colour Elixir in the shade Ruby tuesday, it's my favourite lipstick ever for colour. At £7.99 it's great value too. In both the pictures it's second from the left. 
The matte red - Now matte red is a tricky to pair. If you have radiant skin that glows the minute you wake up, this is great. But for those of us (probably just me) who doesn't have that natural sheen then you may have to use every single product in your make up bag to get glowy skin before applying this shade. It looks uber chic when done properly! The matte red I chose is Revlon's Matte lipstick in the shade Really Red. This one is £7.49 which is how much I would expect to pay for a half decent matte lipstick.In both the pictures it's third from the right.
The pink
The pink I have is no longer available to buy but I have found basically the exact same shade from No7. It's a hot pink which suits every skin colour. I wore this colour last week and it made me feel happy just looking at myself in the mirror, not in a vain way but in a 'Yay summer is only 6 months away' kind of happy. The lipstick I have found is No7 moisture drench in the shade Siren. The one I actually have is No7 Wild volume in the shade Forever Cherry which I'm guessing has been discontinued.

The browns
The nude brown - I love a nude brown as it's great for both day to day and for going out too. I wore a nude brown on new years eve with a heavy smoky eye and it looked great, your lips but sexier. Day to day I wear it when I want to wear a lipstick but I'm not brave enough to go bright. The lipstick I have chosen is another no7 offering in the shade Bare. At £9.50 it's the most expensive of my choices but I think it's quite difficult to find such a shade out there. In the pictures it's the first on the right.

The plum brown- I loveeeeeee a plum brown. Love love love love it. It can look so elegant and also so grungy if you want it to. I love wearing this shade with a LBD or a sparkly number. It looks great on pale or olive complexions in particular. The lipstick I have chosen is the rimmel lasting finish lipstick in the shade Starry eyed. It's the second from the right in the pictures.

Thank you very much for reading! Come back later this week and I will have reviews on the Rimmel Apocolips in the shades Aurora and Nova and also the wake me up foundation. Lots of rimmel this week, utter coincidence! 


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