Saturday, 1 February 2014


So it takes a LOT for me to buy more than one of a product, I never love a product enough to by more than one. I knew that these were going to be great as I'd seen so many amazing reviews, but most of the reviews were for the shades Celestial and Stellar. I thought I would go out of the box and go for shades I wouldn't normally pick.

 First of all I bought Nova, which is the pink in the middle. This is a lovely baby pink as seen below:

I apologise about my lips, they are so weird but I love to see other bloggers show the products they are reviewing on their face so I can see what they might look like on me. As you can see it's a very lovely pink shade that I'm pretty damn sure would suit everyone.

Then I bought a brighter pink that I could use when going out as I love a bright lip. The shade Aurora isn't available everywhere, I bought mine from ASOS but I certainly haven't seen it anywhere else:

The last shade Luna is my newest addition, which I'm not over the moon with as I think the packaging is quite deceptive, it looks nude but the actual colour to me seems very orange:

I can't imagine this shade in particular would suit many people, so this shade disappointed me but it wouldn't put me off buying more!

Overall, I love the consistency of the lacquer. I don't think I've used a product like this before. It doesn't feel sticky after you've applied it and once the colour has faded you're left with a nice colour stain. You can layer the lacquer to leave you with a dramatic colour or just sweep it over your lips for a nice day time colour. I thoroughly recommend the product. Make sure you find a great shade that suits you though!

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